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Living Room Rugs for Open-Floor Plans

Living Room Rugs for Open-Floor Plans

Picture this - a light and airy open-plan home, layered with luxurious rugs for resting, relaxation and entertaining family and friends. Sounds dreamy right!

Open-floor plans create flow throughout the cooking, dining and living areas. However, open-floor plans demand a creative and discerning approach to interior design.

You want to create gathering points within the space, without disrupting the flow. A living room rug can be the special ingredient to make this happen.

But not just any rug! Carefully consider the rug style and size for open-floor plans. The right rug can create zones within an open space while seamlessly blending into the interior design. 

Adding Cosy to Modern Looks

Sleek, minimal interior decor can look stunning in your home. However, if you've chosen your furniture and decor for a modern look, rugs can add warmth without going against the overall effect.

Thick rugs for a living room add depth to a sparse layout without adding clutter. If you've set out your living room to create a spacious feel, having a rug underfoot won't hinder this effect. And it's nice to sink your toes into, while you're using the space!

For example, if you have a modern kitchen that leans hard into the stainless steel look, your furniture needs to complement this look. However, you can still create a cosy corner within your open-floor plan, with your choice of rug.

Look for a rug that shares the colour palette of your existing interior design, but with a warmer hue or more tactile textures. Plush, cream rugs for living rooms are great for minimalist decors.

Balancing Size and Softening Lines

Size is critical when choosing a rug for open-floor plans. Too big, and it'll dominate; small living room rugs are swallowed by up the space without leaving a mark.

Round living room rugs can be a useful way to balance size. Circular rugs are easier to line up with the walls and furniture. At the same time, they soften the hard straight lines of your furniture and kitchen whitewares.

Layer Rugs on Carpet

Beautiful living room rugs can complement the carpet of your open-floor plan, rather than competing with it. If you feel your carpet is neutral to the point of bland, a living room rug can bring your floors to life.

If your carpet is worn but still serviceable, it's easier to revive your interiors by adding a rug over the carpet, rather than replacing the carpet itself.

Plush rugs for living rooms can add luxury to a plain carpet. They're sumptuous and just right for sinking your toes into! Look for a high pile or a 100% woollen rug like this Pinnacle Sea Blue Rug.

Rugs to Bring Open-Floor Plans to Life

Fit the perfect balance between segmentation and flow, with the perfect living room rug by Elysium Home. Continue reading
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