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    About Vismara Design

    Vismara Design Italy has consistently upheld its position as a pioneering force in the realm of design and manufacturing high end luxury furniture and opulent home entertainment products since 1953. Revered for its presence in illustrious hotels, extravagent homes, and lavish superyachts, Vismara undeniably reigns as an emblem of supreme excellence around the globe.

    unrivalled luxury

    In the realm of opulent and exquisite craftmanship and design, Vismara Design Italy stands unrivaled as eminent pioneers in this field.

    From majestic billiard tables, indulgent gaming tables, elegant home cinema chairs and high end designer furniture, Vismara Design embodies the epitome of luxury, showcasing impeccable hand made craftsmanship and timeless elegance.

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    rich in history

    The year was 1953 when three accomplished individuals, a brilliant inlayer, a skilled cabinetmaker, and a talented wood carver joined forces and embarked upon a collective endeavor to bring their cherished vision to life. Thus, Vismara Design Italy, the epitome of elegance and sophistication, was born in Seveso Brianza, nestled in the very essence of northern Italy.

    Through unwavering dedication and the pursuit of perfection, this venerable institution has ascended to unparalleled heights of eminence, evolving into a globally recognised and award winning brand renowned for its extraordinary assortment of exquisitely crafted furnishings.

    It is in the illustrious era of the 1990s that Vismara's rise acquired substantial momentum, propelling it to achieve remarkable success on a global scale.

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    Blade Table Tennis Luxury Entertainment Vismara

    Vismara philosophy

    Vismara embraces a profound philosophy, one that is rooted in the pursuit of unparalleled excellence and the creation of opulent magnificence.

    This esteemed philosophy has bestowed upon Vismara a highly regarded standing, not only within the boundaries of Europe but across the globe.

    The company adeptly amalgamates state-of-the-art technologies with meticulously crafted bespoke offerings, resulting in the manifestation of exquisitely crafted furniture that reigns supreme in terms of design, quality, and artistry.

    By seamlessly marrying the essence of Italy's time-honored manufacturing tradition with contemporary ingenuity and innovation, Vismara has successfully attained a level of accomplishment that sets it apart from its peers.

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