Find Your "Home Happiness"

At ELYSIUM -HOME- we curate stylish collections of designer furniture that create places of serenity and bliss. Explore our Lookbook for inspiration for your home and start creating your very own "home happiness" with ELYSIUM.

Sideboard Style01

Teak Grooves Sideboard

Walnut Bedroom Set02

Walnut Spindle Bed and Walnut Spindle Bench

Oak Dining03

Oak Bok Dining Table

Oak Dining04

Oak Osso Dining Stool, Oak Bok Dining Chair and Oak Torsion Dining Table

Dining Style05

Oak Black Bok Dining Chair and Oak Black Torsion Dining Table

Stylish Sideboards06

Oak Stairs Sideboard

Outdoor Living07

Nardi Komodo 7 Piece Outdoor Setting

Paris Rug08

Bayliss Paris Versailles Rug

Beauty in Black09

Anders Sideboard

Living Room Leather10

Oak Saddle Nut Sofa and Armchair

Stunning Stools11

Baretto Stools

Stylish Home & Office Organisation12

Oak M Rack

The Famous Atollo Lamp13

Atollo Black Metal Lamb

Gate Mirror14

Clear Gate Mirror

Mirrors with a difference15

Arbo is both rugged and delicate, a robust tree on a fragile mirror glass. A beautiful, friendly mirror thanks to its natural shape and print, which reflects the interior in a muted way, filtered by the delicate annual rings that are traced on the mirror glass. Bring nature into your home. Designed by Tibert Dhont. Made in Belgium.

A statement Piece16

The Tutti sees everything, but it doesn't see you ! A careful arrangement of strips of mirrored glass breaks up the room. Each lamina, with perfectly polished edges, has been expertly cut to a thickness of 5 mm and is supported by a strong synthetic frame. The black back creates a finely-drawn shadow effect. Hung vertically or horizontally, this mirror, with its fragmented reflections, is a real attention grabber. This stunning piece of art was designed by the talented Annemie Vanzieleghem.