In ancient Greek mythology, the word “Elysium” means “a place or state of ideal happiness”

At Elysium, our belief is that true and absolute "happiness" is found and formed within our homes.

Our goal at Elysium is to be part of creating “home happiness” by sourcing and supplying the highest quality designer furniture from around the globe that brings modern clean living, spatial awareness, smart and functional design and most importantly, transforms any space into “a place or state of ideal happiness”

Our furniture tells a story. From the talented artisans that individually create each piece, to the container ships that carefully cross the seas and deliver to our Australian shores.

We want our furniture to become part of your story, whether it’s waking up in one of our solid oak beds, to working on your dreams at our quality teak desk or entertaining friends and sharing meals on our stunning dining tables, simply enjoying day to day living and celebrating the most important moments in life.

We want our furniture to be part of your journey to create and transform your home into your very own “Elysium”.

Shop our amazing range of quality designer furniture, rugs and lighting now and let Elysium help you create 'home happiness"...