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Sumptuous Blue and Tan Leather Sofas

From vibrant blues to richly textured tan leather sofas, Elysium Home sources sofas from the best furniture designers around the world.

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From the workshops of top artisans, we bring the best grey, blue and tan leather sofas to Australia, straight to your home.

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Elysium Home's furniture is designed for modern clean living. Our sofas are the marriage of luxurious aesthetic and practical design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of sofa is best for the living room?

Browsing a designer leather sofa for sale, but not sure if it's right for your living room? What size sofa you opt for depends on your living room and existing furniture.

When it comes to picking out a sofa for their living room, most people first think of comfort. However, size is the first thing to take into consideration. There's no point in buying a leather corner sofa if it's going to get in the way. 

Take stock of your existing living room. How large is it? How much of it needs to be a dedicated throughway for people to pass through? Does other furniture need its own breathing room? For example, cabinets may need space for their doors to swing open.

Your sofa will need to fit around these requirements. From there, you can choose a sofa of the right size and shape for your living room.

What should I look for when buying a leather sofa?

Always choose top grain leather when buying a leather sofa. Check the sofa all over, including beneath the cushions.

Nothing speaks of sophistication more than a brown or tan leather sofa in an Australian home. It's worth taking the time at the start, to choose a luxury piece that will last for years to come.

The leather of a sofa can be one of two types, top grain or bottom split. Grain leather is much more durable. Premium leather sofas should always be made of grain leather. This may fall under a sub-type, such as full-grain or corrected.

Leather is a natural material. Look for tan leather sofas with tiny whorls and imperfections in the grain. This will add to the naturalistic beauty of your sofas.

Leather will age over time. Make sure the sofa is constructed so the material can breathe, to maintain quality over time. If possible, ask for a sample and stretch the material out a bit. This will give you an idea of what the material could look like as it ages.

What is the most popular colour for sofas?

The most popular colours for sofas are all neutral shades. White, grey, blue, beige and tan leather sofas are the most common, offering stability with versatility.

Beige and brown leather sofas are the classic options. They have been the mainstay of living rooms for decades, and their popularity isn't going away anytime soon.

Tan leather sofas offer a more richly textured experience than just a beige one. The deeper colour has a more tactile feel to it. A tan leather sofa can add a sumptuous feel of luxury to a room.

Despite its vibrancy, the calming effect of blue makes it a neutral colour. 

White, off-white and grey sofas add sophistication, though they need higher upkeep to hide the scuff marks. 

What is the best colour leather sofa to buy?

When choosing what colour leather sofa to buy, opt for neutral colours. These will look classy in any home, while leaving plenty of flexibility for your interior decor.

Neutral colours, such as a tan leather sofa, can seamlessly blend in with your existing interior decor. Usually, you want the sofa to complement your other furniture, rather than act as the centrepiece.

Are you concerned about whether a brown leather sofa is out of style? They call it a classic for good reason. A brown or tan leather sofa will always be a mainstay of the sophisticated Australian home.

If your dining and coffee tables are more muted, you may prefer a sofa that stands out, so it can become the centrepiece. In this case, choose a bolder shade such as blue or gold. Make sure this adds to your existing interior decor, rather than detracting from it.

Does a dark sofa make a room look smaller?

Whether a dark sofa makes the room look smaller will depend on your other interior decor. Creating contrast, with light walls or bright lighting, can keep the room feeling spacious.

Dark sofas only make a room look smaller if they're not integrated into the interior decor. Create contrast so that the sofa can stand out. Bright lighting is key to drive away the shadows!

For example, place a dark brown or tan leather sofa against light floors and walls. This contrast will maintain the sense of distance around the sofa.

If your walls and floors are dark, use a light rug under the sofa, or rely on bright lighting to keep the spacious feel.

Dark sofas bring a cosy feel to the room. They are also more low-maintenance, as the scuff marks are less glaringly visible. A brown leather sofa is the perfect choice for families with children or pets.

Does the sofa have to match the colour of the walls?

It's your choice whether your sofa matches the walls. The colour of the sofa depends on whether it's a foundation or an accent in your interior decor.

If you prefer a unified approach, choose a sofa the same colour as the walls. This will create a sense of harmony, keeping the room feeling spacious.

If you want your sofa to stand out, choose a sofa of a richly textured material, or a sumptuous colour. This can be further accented with the addition of cushions or a throw rug.

If you really can't decide, styles such as a tan leather sofa is a great middle ground. These aren't the centre of attention, but they're not relegated to the background either.