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Oak Designer Dining Tables Available In Australia

You can buy oak dining tables at Elysium Home in Sydney Australia. Sturdy oak dining tables with an amazing finish and breathtaking styling can liven up any dining area. You can choose from many shapes and styles available online at Elysium home.

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Find an Oak Side Table for Your Home

To choose the right teak, walnut or oak side table is to master the art of home living.

Side tables add highlight and convenience to a living room. They set an impressive scene for hosting and entertaining your guests. They create a relaxing space for people to gather over.

Indulge in your home life with a luxury teak, walnut or oak side table by Elysium Home. Each piece has been crafted by hand, by some of the most talented artisans in furniture design.

When it comes to luxury furniture to delight your family and guests, look no further than Elysium Home.


It's the accent pieces that tie your interior decor together. With a luxury side table, you can create a seamless transition between the living areas of your home.


Quality side tables are built to last the years. Using premium woods such as teak, walnut and oak, our side tables will look as good as new after years of use.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of living room tables?

Side and end tables are both types of accent tables. They're different to coffee tables, as they act as accents rather than a centrepiece.

Side tables are placed beside furniture, especially sofas and chairs, to make it more comfortable for guests sitting there. They can be placed against the wall or more out in the open.

Though they are both considered accent pieces, teak, walnut and oak side tables in Australia are usually larger than end tables. This makes side tables both more usable and a more important style piece for your interior decor.

If you want to try something more distinct in your living, keep your centrepieces to the tried-and-tested designs, while you experiment with your side tables. For example, experiment with form with a geometric, modern oak side table.

How do you style a side table?

There are many ways to dress a side table for the Australian home. A small side table gives more styling possibilities than its size implies.

As a part of the focal point of your living area, side tables are versatile pieces of furniture to hold the space together. Like with any table, it's a balancing act to find the right number of decor items. You want the decor to flow without looking sparse or cluttering.

Celebrate the outdoors with a touch of greenery on your side table. This could look like a row of pot plants or succulents, or even freshly cut flowers from the garden.

A small, cosy side table is the perfect setting for people to gather over. Try some decor items such as a candle stand, as decor or even as mood lighting. For an extra tasteful touch, add a fruit bowl with a folded serviette tucked under it.

Should your side tables match?

The art of living room decor lies in choosing the furniture pieces that will tie together. The idea is to choose individual pieces that will create a cohesive whole.

However, furniture that directly matches can look boring and predictable. For a more inspired feel, choose complementary pieces that pair together without being the same.

Side tables don't need to have the exact same colours or textures as your interior decor. Natural materials, such as oak side tables, pair easily with any style of interior decor.

The same goes if you have more than one side table. Side tables don't necessarily have to match each other, as long as they complement.

Built from some of the most reliable materials a furniture designer can choose, pick out your teak, walnut and oak side table at Elysium Home.

What is a modern style for side tables?

Side tables are moving towards a more modern style, trying out new forms and designs. Modern oak side tables can also add some sophistication to an otherwise relaxed living room.

Oak has long been a favourite of artisan furniture designers. Oak wood side tables offer clean lines and a subtle grain, so it's the perfect complement for a modern style of interior decor. They bring the personality to jazz up any interior - without overdoing it.

Modern oak side tables look equally at home in traditional interior decors. No matter how modern a design, oak wood side tables bring a timeless look that will never go out of fashion in any home.

Is oak a good wood for a side table?

Why is oak so good for tables? Oak is an especially prized material. As a common type of hardwood, oak side tables in Australia are designed to be sturdy and built to last.

Maintenance, or the lack of it, is one of the most important factors when buying furniture. Contemporary oak side tables are sturdy enough to support a lot of weight, and do so for many years to come.

While practicality is key, style is also important. The grain of oak side tables is distinctly recognisable, providing a beautiful accent piece for your living room.

Whether you're going for a modern or traditional look, contemporary oak side tables can blend in and add grandeur to your living area.

What should my side table be set to?

Side tables should be about as tall and deep as the arms of your sofa or chair. The height and depth should each be within a 5 cm range of your other furniture. 

There is some flexibility with how high a side table can be. For example, contemporary oak side tables can be slightly lower or even higher than the seating area it's attached to.

Not sure what is the correct depth for a side table? It depends on the furniture it's next to. Teak, walnut and oak side tables should be about as wide as the seating area for one person.

As for how long your side table should be, this is more a matter of personal preference. Many oak side tables are a round shape, so the depth and length are the same.