Custom Tv Cabinets

Set the Scene with Wood and Black TV Cabinets 

Wood-toned and black TV cabinets offer an elegant support to complement your screen. As one of the key focal points of a home, much of your interior decor will hinge on how you style the TV cabinet.

Do you want a neutral cabinet that will seamlessly blend into the existing decor? The warmth of oak and teak wood can brighten any living room. Do you prefer a stronger statement piece? Black TV cabinets are bold enough to draw the eye and make the screen less obtrusive.

Solid Wood TV Cabinets

Elysium Home makes designer cabinets from solid wood. We use the premium hardwood species, teak and oak.

Custom TV Cabinets

Our cabinets are hand-crafted by artisan furniture designers. We bring the highest quality furniture from around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big should your TV cabinet be?

Choose a neutral or black TV cabinet 10 to 20 cm longer than your screen.

The TV cabinet supports one of the most communal spaces in a home. The size of your TV stand can set the balance for your interior decor.

It can look top-heavy for a TV to be wider than the cabinet. In the same vein, balance any bulky screens with a solid wood TV cabinet. The cabinet should look sturdy enough to support the screen.

If your screen will be wall-mounted, this leaves more flexibility when choosing the height of the cabinet. Your cabinet could be as low or high as you wish. If your screen will be mounted on the cabinet itself, choose a high cabinet that puts the screen at eye level.

The size of your cabinet will also depend on your storage needs. As well as supporting the screen, many cabinets double as storage units. These can range from larger units with multiple drawers, to a simple stand with some shelving space.

Take into account the size and shape of the room. Long, low cabinets are best for smaller living rooms. Their streamlined look helps to expand the sense of space in a smaller area.

What colour should my TV cabinet be?

The colour of your TV cabinet should match your interior decor. However, there is some flexibility whether you're after a neutral effect or an accent.

Wood TV cabinets are best for a room with a traditional interior decor. The warm wood tones of oak TV cabinets are easy to match with your existing wooden furniture.

A black TV cabinet can make a splash if you have a more minimal room. This bold styling choice will stand out as the centrepiece of the room. However, black TV cabinets are still easy to match with your interior decor, no matter what colour wallpaper you have.

Choosing the colour of your TV cabinet is a matter of personal tastes. Whether you prefer to blend in or stand out, your TV cabinet will play a key role in your interior design.

What type of wood is best for a TV cabinet?

Buying a solid wood TV cabinet is one of the most reliable decisions you can make in furniture. Within hardwoods, two premium types of wood are teak and oak.

If you're looking for the most durable wood, teak will never let you down. Teak has a very tight grain. This dense wood is very resistant to attack from water, rot or anything else that could go wrong with a cabinet.

On top of that, teak is simply stunning to look at. Teak darkwood TV cabinets are striking, with their strong chocolate browns over a warm golden underlay.

For adding warmth and character to brighten up a room, oak is the undisputed best. With its timeless elegance, an oak TV cabinet is suitable for either traditional or modern interior decor.

Like a good wine, oak furniture gets better as it ages. They're built to last, with robust construction. Who could say no to the golden hues of an oak TV cabinet? 

Should the TV cabinet match the coffee table?

The secret to interior decor is to complement, without being the same. Your TV cabinet and coffee table can look different, as long as they both fit the theme.

Texture and weight are just as important as colour. Look for a cabinet with a similar feel or presence as your coffee table.

If your coffee table is made of wood, this is easy to match with a wooden TV cabinet. Even if the shade or wood grain isn't quite the same, a teak or oak TV cabinet would blend seamlessly in.

Another approach is to match the TV cabinet to the accents that stand out on the coffee table.

For example, if your coffee table is already the set-piece in the room, it may have a patterned surface on black metal legs. In this case, a black TV cabinet would complement the coffee table without needing to be made of the same material as the tabletop.

How do you decorate around a TV cabinet?

Impassive and electronic, TVs can be difficult to integrate into your interior decor. The way you dress and decorate around the TV cabinet can play a role in creating overall cohesion in the room.

One key consideration is how to make a large TV less obtrusive in the room. A widely known styling tip is to paint the wall behind the TV black, so the TV doesn't stand out so much.

For the same reason, try a black TV cabinet. This gives the TV some camouflage. The idea is to draw the eye to the other elements of your interior decor, rather than just the screen. 

A cabinet with extra functionality helps to diffuse the attention further from the TV. Cabinets that double as shelving units will turn the area into an all-purpose one, rather than being solely built around the screen.

Add some greenery to the cabinet, especially climbing vines. They help the TV to blend in. They also provide lush contrast to the screen, especially if they're against a bold black TV cabinet.