Modern Living Room Decor Ideas - Modern Sydney Living

Modern Living Room Decor Ideas - Modern Sydney Living


Modern living rooms have become spaces to show your creativity. The living room can be comfortable as well as stylish. Functionality is also a prerequisite for a modern living room. This is the space where you spend most of your time during the day and when you come back from work. Thus, it makes perfect sense if you want it to be cozy. But, at the same time, it is your choice and appeal that decides if you would rather like it to be formal. Your choices and character should reflect in the decor of your living room. There could be numerous designs and ideas available for you to incorporate into your living room but the most important factor still remains your choice and comfort.

Modern Living Rooms Brimming With Colour

The modern living room speaks of your style and demeanour. If you are fierce and bold then it does not bode well for your living room to be decorated in drab or neutral colours. You could always use a pop of colour to spruce up your space. The colour can be added in the form of throw pillows. Small throw pillows all over the couch and the floor seating can bring out the character of your space. The pop of colour could be added in the form of a statement piece in maybe a fireplace. Bold coloured fireplaces bring about the warmth and joy of living space. Stylish lighting in colourful hues can do wonders for your lighting needs, mood, and even the style of your living room decor. Hot pink, purple, and teal are the colours that are the people's favourites this season. 

For example try a comfy blue soft out.

The Modern and Transitional Living Room

In Sydney, lately people are opting for the modern and transitional style in the living room. Neutral colours rule this style of the living room. These living rooms tend to superimpose the modern take on the traditional approach. Minimalism is stressed upon in this technique. A limited number of accessories are recommended here. Different elements can be made use of to provide texture. One big artwork can be sufficient if used in abandon. So, basically, this style is the cohesive amalgamation of traditional and modern to achieve timeless beauty.

This beautiful cupboard with European doors might be a great accent to add to the old-world charm of modern space.

Modern Living Rooms With Mid-Century Inspired Furniture

Modern living rooms can create a traditional silhouette using dated pieces of furniture such as the one sideboard shared here. Old school solid black frame used in contrast to the glass surface gives a homely vibe. The use of strong colour palettes, an old style of chandeliers, and maybe some potted plants can help you achieve the look.

Modern and Minimalist Living Rooms

The modern and minimalist living rooms use the minimum number of things. Try this sofa in your living room with a few other additions can help keep your living room spacious and airy. If a centre table is not to your liking, a compact coffee table could do the trick. You can play with colours and textures to achieve a minimalist vibe. Just keep in mind to not include any mindless articles in your living room.

A Living Room With Pattern and Texture

The patterns and textures play an important role in the decoration of the living room. One thing that you should be mindful of is the avoidance of the high contrast within your living room design. Subtlety is the key to achieving cohesion. Very loud pieces with little to no cohesion with the rest of the decor must be let go. The under-mentioned gamer chair has white shearling effect fabric in upholstery and a black steel frame for added comfort.

The Modern Care-free Living Room

The use of abstract art or modern looking lounge chairs can do wonders for your living room space. It is important to neutralize the harsh geometric patterns with blunted textures. Maybe the use of some greenery can help neutralize the Luna Taupe coffee table. Colour balancing is also important. If you are using one colourful piece then it is important to accent it down with some other neutral pieces.

Black and White Modern Living Rooms

The next style of living room decoration is that of a black and white modern living room. Here the use of black and white in subtle contrast rather than piercing manner can help get the edgy feel you are looking for. Bold black subdued with the use of white can bring out the black pieces.

The above-mentioned Teak Abstract Black Column Rack can be used in contrast with the white armchair to your reading nook. This gives it the classy air while being practical.

Modern Art Deco Living Room

The geometric shapes and opulent finishes are a staple of this style. Just like this Cylinda Table lamp can add the much-needed oomph to your living room.

The use of heavy furniture pieces that nod to the older years in conjunction with slimmer and functional pieces can up the character of your space. 

Modern and Minimal Living Rooms

Next in line is a style of decorating the living room in a modern and minimal way. It just means the use of compact and few pieces of furniture but at the same time, the style should not compromise with comfort. For example, the Barcelona Marthan Grey Velvet Armchair can be used with compact coffee tables and maybe rugs rather than a full-on sofa. This is a setup that screams comfort with minimalism.

Whichever style of living room decoration you choose, the following pointers are recommended to make them even better-

    • Consider the symmetry-

The symmetry of the living room must be paid attention to. If you have two similar pieces, they must be balanced out with the use of lighting options, accessories and even pairing the seating is a good idea.

    • Seating plan must be connected-

It always pays to make sure that the seating plan is well connected and allows the flow of conversation freely.

    • Balance out the pieces of furniture-

If you have one piece really heavy intricately designed sofa, then you should think about balancing it with much smaller and simpler pieces.

    • Greenery with a thought-

Rather than just adding a few pots of plants to your living room, make sure you use them with proper thought, as to them getting proper sunlight and their placement according to the aesthetics.

    • Unrestricted flow-

There must be an unrestricted flow of traffic. A proper space to move about. If everything is very congested, then it gives a sense of untidiness rather than the comfort that you are looking for. 

    • Rugs and carpets are dividers-
    • a clear sense of space can be created by using the rugs. This also helps in maintaining the traffic movement. Rugs and carpets help in clearly demarcating the space and making full use of it.
    • Center of focus-

Rather than pointing all your furniture towards the TV, which is so passe, create the seating for the conversation. To point in a direction that is to be your focus, use the available fireplace as an attraction. 

    • Proportionate pieces-

Consider the size of individual furniture and proportionate them. It is important to subdue the size, enormity. Very big pieces could be balanced with the smaller ones.

    • Mix & match contrasting shapes- 

Straight and angular pieces should be subdued with neutral shapes such as circular and oval. Only the angular shapes in a living room can make it look very unwelcoming. On the other hand, all the circular shapes could make your living area actually lose an edge ( pun intended).

    • Distribute your light sources- 

Make sure that all your light sources are not concentrated in one corner but the whole room should have adequate lighting with judicious distribution.

  • Make use of available natural light and features-

 Inherent features to the room such as windows must be used judiciously as a light source and also take care that the height of your furniture does not cross the ledge.

In conclusion, it is important to have fun decorating your living room. Take the advice you like and incorporate it, or in the words, do it your way.


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