How to Pick the Perfect Living Room Rugs


An outstanding rug will last you a lifetime! Rugs bring a splash of colour and comfort to your home that you can enjoy every single day.

The best type of rug for a living room depends on whether you want to blend or stand out. Usually, you'll choose a living room rug to complement and showcase your furniture centrepieces. A subtle rug can finish the look of your interior design, while adding undeniable luxury.

But if you prefer to shout, underfoot can be the perfect place to do that! Brilliantly patterned or boldly coloured, living room rugs can transform an understated look into a sumptuous masterpiece.

Soft & Subtle Design Elements

Does the glass of your coffee table look too strong against your wooden furniture? Is your dining table a different type of wood to your coffee table or sideboard?

Rugs for living rooms can act as the glue that brings your interior decor together, while adding warmth and vibrancy. The living room rug is the secret ingredient that makes your interior decor more than the sum of its parts. 

Rugs Tie a Room Together

How to blend your sofa and coffee table together, if there's no material or colour match between them? These key pieces tend to have their own internal design and accents.

Your living room rug can help bring them together. Use large rugs for living rooms to fit all your furniture on top. This is a simple visual trick to create links between your furniture - the sofa, armchairs, coffee table and more.

If you don't want too big a rug for a living room, it doesn't have to fit the entire furniture. Just fitting on the front legs of each piece of furniture is enough. Letting the back legs hang off can even make your room feel more spacious.

Carefully space out your furniture on the living room rug, so you leave enough breathing space. Keep a metre around your seating furniture, so it doesn't look cramped and people have enough space to walk past.

Keep It Neutral & Natural

Furniture and decor are often the standout elements of an interior, designed to draw the eye. The last thing you want is a rug that is overwhelming and detracts from the rest of the room.

Instead, opt for versatile rugs made from natural materials. Organic fibres add an obvious quality without detracting from your existing interior decor.

For example, the Coast Cape Grey Rug is made of sumptuous wool and bamboo fibres, bringing a natural feel that can fit with any style of interior decor.

These Rugs Create Real Impact

Tables, sofas, flooring and wallpaper - for these staples of the interior, it's better to choose subtle and neutral. A timeless style never tires or loses its charm.

They're also versatile enough to be dressed up to suit any style of interior decor. People first think of home decor, but a beautiful living room rug can showcase your style just as well. Once you've popped a fruit bowl on the coffee table, turn to your living room rug to add impact to your interior decor.

Work In Some Standout Patterns

Living room rugs with geometric patterns add a splash to minimalist interior decor, while keeping to the philosophy of minimalism. For example, our Ivy Graphite Fog Rugs are hand-woven woollen rugs, with a geometric pattern but enough subtle variations to create an organic appearance. 

Do you have wooden floorboards and furniture, and want to add patterns but keep to the naturalistic look? Try a cowhide print, or the deconstructed designs of our contemporary Canyon Mariana rugs.

Yes, You Can Layer Your Rugs!

Do you want a brightly coloured or patterned rug, but you're worried it'll stand out too much? Layer it over another, less ostentatious rug. The surface rug should be one-third to half the size of the base rug.

Do you want to create an impact, without having to rely on a rug that shows off too overtly? You can layer two rugs, and the juxtaposition creates the effect, rather than each rug on its own.

This option is perfect if you've fallen in love with two rugs, and can't be forced to choose between them! For example, you could layer the patterned Memphis Stitch Rug over the solid block colours of a Marco Navy Blue Rug

For extra pop, you can have a base rug perfectly lined up with the straight lines of the walls, while the surface rug is at an angle.

Re-imagine Your Living Room

Re-imagine the possibilities of your interior design with these living room rugs by Elysium Home.


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