Buying Furniture? Here's an Expert's Guide To Picking Perfect Pieces


Whether you are moving into your first home or just looking to redecorate, buying furniture can be a stressful task. There are so many options out there. Where do you even start? Lucky for you, we are breaking down the process of furniture shopping. Carry on reading for our expert tips.

Know What You Like

If you head to a store without any research, you'll either come back overwhelmed and empty-handed or with furniture that doesn't work. Don't make that mistake! Start by understanding your taste and space. Go on platforms like Pinterest and Youtube to find inspiration. This will help you narrow down your choices and pick living room furniture that you love.

Decide Your Budget

Let's get one thing clear- furniture is expensive. Even a basic dining table or armchair will likely cost more than you think. Instead of falling in love with a piece only to realise you can't afford it, you should set a budget. Moreover, don't worry about furnishing your entire home overnight. You should take your time to find the right pieces.

Always Measure

Nothing could be more unfortunate than buying a piece of furniture that doesn't fit through your door. Now what?

You can avoid such an ordeal by measuring your space and the door frame before shopping for furniture. Instead of estimating the size, it would be best to use a measuring tape to ensure accurate measurements.

Think About the Colour Pallete

Every furniture store or website is professionally curated to look visually appealing. But you have to imagine the piece outside of the showroom. In particular, make sure the colour and style work with the rest of your house. The last thing you want to do is buy a piece that clashes with your wall paint.

Factor In Other Pieces

Apart from the colour scheme, you also have to think about pairing new furniture with your existing home decor. For example, if the rest of your house is rustic, then buying a modern coffee table doesn't make sense.

Prioritise Quality

Just because a piece of furniture is cheap doesn't make it an ideal choice. You should look at furniture as an investment that you will keep for years and years. Therefore, make it a point to prioritise quality rather than just focusing on the price.

Don't Fall for Trends

Just like fashion, home decor is heavily influenced by trends. Though trends may intrigue you, they usually don't age well. When it comes to foundational pieces, it's better to stick to timeless furniture, such as an oak dining table. These pieces are not only durable but also versatile enough to complement any aesthetic.

Consider Practicality 

Practicality is an important factor that people often forget to consider. Just because a piece is stylish and affordable doesn't mean it's suitable for your home. For example, a plush white couch is chic but not the best choice if you have toddlers and pets. You will be better off purchasing a dark-coloured couch that won't show stains.


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