Bored of Minimalism? 8 Easy Ways to Elevate Your Interiors



Clean lines, geometric shapes, and ample light are just a few elements of minimalist interior design. While minimalism can be chic, sometimes minimalistic interiors turn out dull if not done right. After all, incorporating subtlety without sacrificing visual interest can be tricky. 

Are you feeling bored with your interiors? In this post, we’ll be sharing some easy ways to take your minimalist decor to the next level. Let’s dive in.

  1. Invest in Quality Pieces 

Since minimalism is all about simplicity and utility, it’s crucial to prioritise quality when shopping for living room furniture in Australia. We suggest choosing foundational pieces that command attention and set the theme for the space. 

Moreover, high-quality décor pieces will likely last you for years to come. They are a cost-effective alternative to buying cheap furniture that needs to be replaced frequently. 

  1. Get Quirky Accessories

Who said you can’t have fun with minimalism? Accessories can make it incredibly easy to elevate your interiors. In particular, we suggest checking out Elysium Home for some of the best decorative wall mirrors in Australia to make your interiors bigger and brighter.

Earthy accents also work well with minimalist interiors. In addition, you can use natural materials such as rattan or wood to warm up your space.


  1. Bring Greenery

The easiest way to liven up your space is by bringing your space alive by adding some plants. You can place plants virtually anywhere in your home, including on bookshelves and in bathrooms. 

  1. Add Personal Touches

We recommend personalising your home by adding your unique touches. In fact, personal elements can make you connect better with your space. From displaying curated collections to hanging up framed family photographs, there are countless ways to make your home more personal. Such meaningful items also allow you to showcase your personality. 

  1. Play with Texture

If you are reluctant to experiment with pops of colour or quirky accessories, it’s time to explore textures. Using various textures can allow you to add depth to your space without stepping out of your preferred colour palette or aesthetic. Moreover, you can introduce texture with rugs, upholstery, curtains, and other soft furnishings. 

  1. Think Outside the Box

Is your home feeling too sparse? When accessorising your home, we urge you to think outside the box.  For instance, you can decorate your floor to make your space feel fuller but not cluttered. You also can try placing attention-grabbing coffee books, grand candle stands, and wicker baskets next to the fireplace or an unutilised corner.

  1. Install Interesting Lighting Fixtures

Did you know that you can completely change the look and appeal of your interiors using lighting? Besides layering lighting to create a welcoming ambience, don’t forget to add some elegant fixtures. 

Lighting fixtures can also serve as an eye-catching element. From pendant lights to sculptural lamps, finding unique fixtures can truly complement your space. 

  1. Switch Seasonal Decor

Your interiors don’t need to stay the same for months and months. That said, changing your interiors frequently can also become a costly affair. Luckily, you can enjoy the best of both worlds with seasonal decor! For example, you can style your couch with a cosy blanket, decorate with warm accents such as pine cones and introduce charm with some foliage during autumn.

Wrapping Up

Minimalistic interiors shouldn’t feel uninspiring. We hope that the aforementioned tips will help you add some much-needed character to your home.


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