Decorating Your Living Room?


Here Are 8 Design And Decor Mistakes To Avoid

The living area of your home is a place where everyone gathers and enjoys get-togethers. It is the social spot of your home that provides comfort and an ultimate cosy ambience. Whether you are redecorating your living room or furnishing a new home, this post will help you avoid costly interior mistakes.

Do Not Buy a Cheap Sofa

Let’s be real, sofas can be expensive. A sofa or couch is the foundational piece of furniture in your living room, so do not waste your money on a cheap sofa that is not comfortable. If there is a living room decor that you should splurge on, it is a sofa. It needs to be comfy as it is a major focal piece of your lounge area.

Not Planning a Colour Palette

Buying different pieces of living room furniture and hoping they will work together is not a good idea. A well-planned colour palette can make your space look cohesive, inviting, and warm. Make sure every piece you pick complements the rest of your interior.

Going in Blind

Going straight to a store with no inspiration can make decorating extremely overwhelming. There is so much to choose from, from a wall paint to the coffee table. Instead of feeling lost, first understand what you like. Go to Pinterest, Instagram or YouTube to figure out your taste and preferences.

Painting the Room First

There is no doubt that painting a room before you get all the furniture is easier. However, picking a paint colour in a rush can limit your choices when it comes to interior design. If possible, paint the room once you have finalised the living room décor and furniture. After all, wall paint will probably be the least expensive thing.

Only One Lighting Style

Just installing one overhead light is not enough for your living room. Instead, layer lighting with different fixtures. Rather than one harsh light, multiple lights will help create a welcoming ambience.

Overdoing Trends

TikTok (a social media platform) may make a trendy interior hack look attractive but do not fall for it. Trends are transient and do not age well. You should go for classic options that will stand the test of time.

Do Not Hang Short Curtains

Short curtains not only look awkward but also make your walls seem lower than they are. When you are buying curtains, make sure they are long enough to touch the ground. They will work well if they slightly pool at the bottom.

Pushing Furniture Against The Wall

A lot of living rooms have furniture pushed against the wall. Unless you are working with a tight space, we do not recommend that. Place the furniture away from the walls to create a better socialising area.

The Bottom Line

The last thing you want to do is spend a huge amount on a furniture piece that will not last years. Hopefully, the above tips encourage you to make timeless interior design choices for your living room.


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