A Brief Guide to Creating The Cosiest Living Room


From spirited game nights to lazy Netflix Sundays, the living room often brings everyone together. Why not make it a cosy and welcoming space in your home? In this post, we are sharing easy ways to give your living space a comfy upgrade.

The right sofa is everything

It will not be an exaggeration to say that the sofa is the most important piece of furniture in your living room. Ideally, your sofa should be plush yet chic. After all, you need the perfect couch for good movie nights.

Other than a sofa, it is a good idea to get additional seating to accommodate guests. Explore armchairs, love seats, accent chairs and other living room furniture in Australia. We suggest creating a conversational space by angling seating around a coffee table rather than facing a wall or television.

Do not compromise with style

Though minimalism is all the rage right now, you should not have to compromise your style with neutral tones. While keeping the foundational furniture neutral, you can still have fun with other elements in your living room. Particularly infuse life into your walls with bold art pieces or a patterned wallpaper.

Light it up

Harsh overhead lights do not cut it when it comes to creating a cosy ambience. You need a mixture of lighting fixtures that warm up the room. Artsy lamps to LED backlights for the television, the possibilities are endless.

Introduce greenery

Bring the outdoors to your living room with indoor plants. While giving a pop of colour, plants are an affordable way to make your living room feel fresh. Adding greenery works well for rooms of all sizes.

If you struggle to keep plants alive and are not blessed with a green thumb, all is not lost. Snake plant, aloe vera, pothos, succulents and spider plant are some easy to maintain options.

Layers, layers, layers

If your living room has hardwood or tiled floor, you can make it more comfortable by putting down a soft rug. Layering is a wonderful way to make space feel homey and inviting.

Indulge in aromas

The sense of smell has the power to transport us back to a specific memory or time. Why not use that in your living room? Scents like lavender, sea breeze and sage induce relaxation and serenity. Consider setting up an aroma diffuser or scented candles.

Stick to smooth shapes

Harsh lines and sharp edges add an inexplicable rigidity to the room. Unless you want your living room to feel like an impersonal reception, it is be best to stick to smooth and round shapes. Go for a rounded coffee table, a swing chair and other furniture with rounded edges.

Wrapping up

Every living room decor choice impacts the mood and ambience of a room. Hopefully, these ideas inspire you to create an intriguing and inviting living room. See the Elysium luxury range of item to see what we have for your home.


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