5 tips to make your dining table look luxurious


It is quite common for those materialistic lovers to yearn for a high-end dining table. When reality strikes and you see your expenses dwindling, you are left with an ordinary table, with pretty simple wooden chairs. 

Having luxurious living room furniture and making your furniture look luxurious are two different things. There is a way to combine both. If you are not ready to invest in a high-end dining table that could make your living room decor a little more glamourous, here is how to add a sleek touch so your table stands out. 

Add the spark of hues

It is not only the dining table that matters but the view behind it as well. Start by purchasing a simple black oak dining table. The oak ensures your table is less maintenance and will not be that expensive. 

Also, paint your living room walls in a colour that goes well with your dining table and living room decor. Make sure the paint matches the accents and colours of your table. Refrain from getting any patterns on the wall. Keep in mind ‘less is more’ so give your walls a fresh coat of white paint or any solid, light colour that you like. 

Go floral

Place beautiful little planters on your black oak dining table. An even better idea is to purchase artificial flowers and place them in the middle of your table. This look is inexpensive to create and sustainable, especially if you go for real plants. 

Keep it simple and you will be all set. If you have white walls and a black table, you can go for white flowers. That will make the entire room luxurious while keeping it simple at the same time. 

Choose gold flatware

Always remember, it is the little things in life. Small décor like placing gold colour spoons, forks and plates can go a long way in complementing your living room. However, if you are not up for that metallic, glossy look, you can purchase gold flatware which will have the same colour but with a subtle finish. 

If black is your go to, you can purchase black flatware to avoid that glossy look. 

Add the magic of a rug

Placing a white or grey rug under your black oak dining table can magnify the luxurious look even more. In fact, the rug will add more elements to your space and compliment your living room furniture.

You can go for a Moroccan-inspired rug that will add a texture to your space If the fur is not your thing. 

Experiment with lighting

You use hanging lights with a modern touch to lighten your oak tables and make them look luxurious. While you think that hanging a chandelier will do the job better, it is a fact that hanging light goes better with dining tables compared to chandeliers. 

The takeaway

In addition to the tips stated above, you can hang some canvas paintings of contemporary art to make your space look majestic. Do not forget to add a bit of personality to the overall look.


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